April 10th, 1970

CBS News footage

Apple Corps, 3 Savile Row, London

In addition to the Reuters and BBC news cameras, reporter Bob Simon (London correspondent for the American network CBS) and his camera crew also descended upon Savile Row this day.  Just over 18 minutes of raw footage circulates among collectors, documenting lengthy interviews with Derek Taylor, as well as some Apple Scruffs, who blame Allen Klein and, most vehemently, Linda McCartney for the breakup.  As night falls, George darts out of the Apple offices (unseen in the shaky footage, but he is heard to shout “Hare Krishna!” to the crowd).  Finally, Ringo emerges, looking resplendent in a red and black jacket. Mal helps Ringo push his way through the cheering throngs to his waiting car as a fan plops a hat onto Ringo’s  head. After he gives the hat back, he buzzes off into the night.

AVAILABILITY: Though the appearances of Ringo and George last for only a few fleeting seconds, the entire 18 minutes of raw footage circulates among collectors in good quality. 13 seconds of the Ringo footage was used in the 1988 documentary Imagine: John Lennon during the song “God.”

On Sunday, April 19th, a specially compiled promotional film for “Maybe I’m Amazed” was screened on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in America, which consisted entirely of Linda’s still photography set to the music.  Since the photographs, the music and the production of the film itself all pre-date April 10, 1970, the film is slightly outside the scope of this book.  However, since it was also slightly outside the scope of John Winn’s That Magic Feeling, its existence has been noted here.  The complete film, running approximately 3:45, circulates in excellent quality among collectors (mostly due to latter-day airings).

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